Moving to a Pledge System

At Temple Sinai we want to ensure that we are responding to the needs of our Jewish community in ways that recognize the changing culture and demographics while ensuring the sustainability of our temple. Judaism teaches that collectively and individually we are responsible for keeping alive our values, our traditions, our commitment to caring for the world and for each other.  We are a partnership and together will continue to build and sustain our community.  To that end, we have decided to move away from an arbitrary dues system to a system that embraces the concept of voluntary contribution: a Pledge system.

A pledge system does not mean ‘dues are optional’.  It means that we divide the total amount of our expenses among our membership to determine a sustaining level.  If an individual or family can not pay at the sustaining level there is an option to make pledge that is more affordable.  There is also the opportunity to make a pledge that is higher than the sustaining level and the success of the system -- of our congregation -- will depend on those who can give more will.  Our pledge is confidential and no one is expected to disclose information about income.

When you fill out our pledge form, please consider how Temple Sinai and being part of the Jewish community brings meaning and value to your life.  A pledge is a promise - a promise we make that affirms our commitment to Temple Sinai and to the future we want to secure for those who come after.  When we make Temple Sinai a priority, we make Judaism a priority. 

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